Attitude of Gratitude

One of the things that has totally transformed my life is gratitude.


Being, Feeling & Living Genuinely Grateful.

-Taking devoted daily time to focus on and be thankful for everything from the seemingly small things (the feeling of my furry family member’s fur) to the grand gestures (coming home to the dishes done and chef cooked cuisine), every single day.

-Focusing on every single solitary positive attribute in my life.

-Making sure to express appreciation to everyone I love & for their positive presence in my life.

It may sound silly at first, but it’s actually an extremely effective avenue for facilitating a phenomenal life!

When you spend a small portion of your morning listing everything you’re grateful for, it has a significant impact!

You may start out feeling sad, or stressed, but suddenly you can see that there’s so much in your life that you should be smiling about!

And then you start your day feeling fantastic & you start seeing everything from a positive perspective!

You can’t help but recognize more and more positives throughout your entire day (and throughout your entire life), which will inevitably have you happy all day & every day!

(This is why you’ll often see me using #attitudeofgratitude on my instagram!)

I believe in the law of attraction.

I believe that “like attracts like” & that focusing on the positives will inevitably bring more positive people & more positive situations into your life.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

I find it extremely important to say thank you to & to show an appreciation for the people who have helped me and who have positively affected me & my life.

So I just wanted to take a second to share a shout out to say “Thank You” to a few significant someones who have helped me launch this blog that I have had on hold for a few (4!!) years, that has now finally come to fruition!

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Thank you Heather & Pete from “It’s a lovely life.

30 Day Fast Track

Your free 5 Day Start A Money Making Blog Email Crash Course was what led me to your 30 Day Blogging Fast Track Course, and the combination of the two was what inevitably ended-up encouraging me and instilling me with the confidence I needed to finally force myself off of “pause” and to launch my own monetizing, money-making blog! (Something that I’ve had on the backburner for years!)

Thank you so much Heather & Pete for providing all the incredible information that has changed my life and that has become priceless to me! It not only provided me with a business plan & a blueprint for my blog, but it has allowed me the option to stay at home with my son! Having this time with him is profoundly precious to me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Thank you Heather from Studio 25 Photography!

River Headshot

You’ve been a fantastic friend to me and were an absolute dream to work with as a photographer! Thank you for helping me smile & stay relaxed in front of the camera (something I seriously struggle with) and thank you so much for your stunning shots!

*If anyone in the South Florida area is looking for a wonderful wedding photographer or hoping to get some high-quality headshots, seriously consider Studio 25 Photography!  Click Here to visit her website. 

Thank you Aloe Organics!

Radish & Carrot

Thanks for allowing us to snap a few shots of your gorgeous organic produce (and of myself) while I shopped at your stand at the Farmers Market! They made for marvelous models (and are currently featured quite prominently on my front page)!

*Aloe Organics  produce is grown on a family farm in loving memory of Allison Hall Nelson, “Aloe,” who wished that a portion of the produce they grow would be donated to the families of children battling cancer. Aloe Organics grants this wish by doing so through the Children’s Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. You can read more about Aloe Organics on their website by clicking here

Thank you Jane, one of the brand ambassadors with Bliss Nut Butters


In the early days after I had my son, River, leaving the house with him was quite complicated. He used to cry while commuting in his car seat, I used to fumble with wrapping him & wearing him in my baby carrier, and none of my clothes fit. Because of those things, I had a hard time letting myself to leave the house. One of my first few close commutes was to the Farmers Market, and you were such a sweet, sincere, smiling face that greeted me and made me feel such solace! Your inviting energy, your delightful demeanor and our cheerful conversation meant more to me than you’ll ever know! You made me feel like I was coming up for fresh air!

Thank you for allowing us to take photos at your Farmers Market stand, for your friendship and for introducing me to the most tantalizingly tasty peanut butter I’ve ever tasted! (Seriously you guys, I’m not even joking! Bliss Saigon Cinnamon Peanut Butter is my favorite thing I’ve EVER EATEN!) 

Thank you, Crunchy Veggie Papa! 

Family Photo

A tremendous thank you to my partner in life (and crime 😉 ), Crunchy Veggie Papa, for always believing in me and for encouraging me while I took the time and space to start my blog and to bring it into reality!! Thank you for being so supportive from the start and for collaborating with me to help me create so many of the delicious dishes I’m so delighted to share here!